Houston Eye Associates was founded over 30 years ago. Many of the physicians who were founding members of Houston Eye Associates also taught medical residents at the University of Texas Medical School. Founding members included Charles Russo, M.D., Malcolm Mazow, M.D., Robert Stewart, M.D., Robert Wilkins, M.D., and Jeffrey Lanier, M.D.

Houston Eye Associates (HEA), the largest ophthalmology clinic in the nation, is a team of 56 board-certified ophthalmologists with advanced fellowship and specialty training in the field of ophthalmology. In addition to our physicians, Houston Eye Associates has 18 optometrists and 2 audiologists serving 26 locations.

Our physicians are pioneers in new research and donate their time and skills to the Houston Eye Associates Foundation. The Houston Eye Associates Foundation is a non-profit foundation created by HEA to provide medical eye care services to those less fortunate by providing financial assistance for medical treatment and surgery of the eye.